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Galvanized Steel Posts, Poles and Fences: Options & Examples

Nov 16, 2020Blog0 comments

Safeguarding a farm or property is unfortunately a subject that cannot be ignored these days. There are many options to choose from and there are many advisors with differing ideas, which makes it difficult for the landowner to choose what will best suit his property. Since each farmer’s circumstances are different, there is not a single solution that will suit everyone.


How do you make the right decision and how do you keep your costs low at the same time? By being involved yourself, doing research and setting out your plan, you are always going to find a better solution. In addition, the farmer should try to do the bulk of the installation work himself. Use your employees to plant poles, attach the wire and mesh and attach electric cable brackets to the poles. Try to use the labour that you already have available. Do not outsource the entire project to a single project manager. Buy your poles, wire, cement, attachments, et cetera from trusted suppliers. Use contractors only on the parts that you cannot manage yourself, such as electrical connections, etc.

How it looks

Another aspect that stands in the way of taking that step to fence in your land or farmyard is that it often takes away from the esthetic appeal of the property. In a way you have to balance the looks with the safety. The open space and the freedom on a farm are things you do not want to give up. Yet one also wants to sleep peacefully. Fortunately, there are nowadays new offerings that strikes a better balance. The challenge is to get a more pleasing looking fence at a competitive price.

Black poles and fencing is more pleasing on the eye than galvanized silver colour and by planning carefully it will cost you an arm and a leg.



There certainly is no solution that will buy you 100% peace of mind. If a criminal wants to come in, he will probably find a way. What you want to buy is time to react. You need a warning and enough time to respond to secure your family by getting your weapon, calling the farm watch on the radio, let the dogs out, etc. until the farm watch arrives.


Below are some options that focus on the physical barrier which can be used in combination with other elements such as alarms, cameras, floodlights, and “beams”.

Steel poles and stays of different lengths and wall thicknesses.

The base of your fence must be robust and strong. If your poles are too thin you run the risk of the fence being pushed over to gain access. Galvanized steel poles are dependable, will last a lifetime and is a good investment.
It is planted 600 mm deep with cement.
It is relatively easy to plant the poles and you do not have to be a specialist.
Van Schoor can calculate your fencing requirements from a basic sketch of your property and terrain.
Your galvanized steel posts form a solid basis of your diamond mesh, “razor mesh” or electric wires.

Paint your poles black and use black diamond or square-shaped mesh.

By painting your galvanized poles black a modern and pleasing look can be achieved.
Save costs by painting the galvanized poles yourself a few years after planting.
Note that the top section overhang is not at an angle and is vertical in line with the post.

Galvanized poles for electric wire

Plastic attachments for electric wire are attached to the poles with “self-drilling” screws.
The task of installing these attachments on the pole is easy, but time-consuming and is therefore expensive.
This is a classic example of how a farmer can save by using the labour at his disposed to attach the brackets to the posts.
You can also do your research and buy attachments at the best prices at your local cooperation.

Wire and electrical wire on the same post

The physical mesh wire plus the electric wire is an effective combination barrier.
A double barrier is not easy to breach without raising the alarm.
In the case of a farmyard the electric wires can be attached on the outside, which allows you to keep the patrol dogs inside.

Fence with overhang and with plastic-coated diamond wire

See how the greenery disguises the plastic-coated mesh and allows you to look right through it.
Plastic coated mesh is more expensive but makes a difference in the aesthetic appeal.
Plastic coated mesh comes in black or green colours.

Overhangs (the portion above the wire)

The overhang or top section is an additional length on the post. The top section can be either at an angle or straight. It provides 450mm of additional pole length on which to install electric wire, razor wire or barbed wire.