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A Van Schoor product can last decades

About Us

Van Schoor has more than a century of experience in the design, production and distribution of top-quality animal equipment, gates and fencing material.

A Van Schoor product can last a lifetime.
Van Schoor products are designed and made for true South African conditions. The farm’s needs, the animal’s behavior and our unique environment have tested and crafted our products over the years.

We understand the needs and expectations of the farmer and businessman. Our products are available at most Western Cape cooperatives.
Please contact our experienced staff to assist you with the choice of products as well as the design and layout of more complex livestock handling equipment and fencing solutions.


In the late 1800’s Melt Cornelius van Schoor and his sons ran a cartwright and farrier shop in Stellenbosch. During 1910 Melt Marthinus Johannes van Schoor started his own blacksmith shop in Philadelphia, mainly to do repairs to wagon wheels, horse shoeing and other blacksmithing services.

In 1926 it was taken over by his son, Michael Johannes van Schoor (“Oom Mike”) who started manufacturing farm gates, feeding troughs and other steel products.

During 1965 a private company M J van Schoor (Pty) Ltd was established and proper manufacturing facilities erected. In 1984 the former Central Co-operative, Boeresake, took over the company and ran it as a separate affiliate.

By the end of 1993 Vivian Kriel took the company over, repositioned and refocused it on agricultural activities and strengthened internal controls, quality standards and procedures and a culture of discipline.

Vivian retired in June 2019 and Conrad Rademeyer took over as the new owner with a vision to maintain the high standard of workmanship and service, to innovate and lead in the fast changing agri and industrial environment with products and service that can be relied upon to do the job.