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Why You Should Consider Galvanized Stell Posts for Your Farm Fence

Dec 15, 2020Blog0 comments

When it comes to farm fencing, good fences make more than just good neighbours. Well maintained farm boundary fences fix the property line and prevent encroachment, help protect against land invasion and provide tangible evidence of trespassing and stock theft. Alarms linked to electrified fences can also send a signal if the fence is cut or broken.

Boundary fences constructed with high-quality materials will last a long time with minimum repairs. Galvanized steel fence posts last between 34 to 170 years, while wooden fence posts are effective up to a maximum of 20 years. These poles are also fireproof and won’t rot.

Galvanized steel fence posts are easy to install. It can easily be handled by one person and can be driven into the ground without much effort. They also ground the fence against lightning strikes that can destroy timber fenceposts, cause fires and hurt animals.

The durability of the galvanized steel post also makes them suitable for important permanent internal fencing, such as for ground dams and permanent pastures that will be used year after year.

Beside good common judgment, building a farm boundary fence requires proper construction techniques and durable materials. Choosing high-quality fence posts will give you years of trouble-free service for your money.