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School Fences: Keeping Unwanted Elements Out

Jan 28, 2021Blog0 comments

It’s an unfortunate truth that schools count amongst the most unsafe places in South Africa. Learning and teaching without the threat of being humiliated, intimidated, harassed, or attacked have become a luxury.  Most incidents that threaten children and teachers’ safety happen during school time, including trespassing of criminal and violent elements into the school environment. We believe that quality fencing is an essential component of school security and contributes to children and the school community’s safety.

A well-thought-out school fencing strategy will delineate the school grounds as a separate space that deserves respect and established ownership of the school community’s school grounds. It also makes trespassing during school hours a visible act for public, law enforcement, teachers and schoolchildren.

In addition to boundary fencing, internal channeling fences prevent visitors from going directly to classrooms before reporting at the school office or border off unsupervised areas to children

Plastic coated diamond mesh wire is one of the most economical and aesthetically pleasing school fencing options where the security threats are low to medium. Combined with well sunk galvanised posts, top galvanised tension wire and an in-ground concrete strip to anchor the diamond mesh. 

Van Schoor Gate supplies fencing materials that make it easy to keep an eye on school playgrounds while keeping unwanted elements out. We are happy to provide advice about school fencing to governing bodies and department officials.