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Protect Your Farm and Home with The Right Gate

Dec 17, 2020Blog0 comments

Farm owners that take time to understand their design and materials options, can obtain gates that are functioning better and last longer.

Gates and gateways should be designed to be navigable, save time and operate efficiently under various conditions, including the ingress and egress of people, animals, equipment and materials. Poorly designed gates waste time hold up production and lead to losses.

An important factor when installing a new gate is the width of the opening. Van Schoor manufactures gates of any width. However, gates that are larger than 4 meters place excessive force on hanging posts. When a larger opening is required to accommodate machines and equipment, two smaller opposing gates that meet in the middle solves the problem.

A gate should also operate smoothly. It must stand open and move easily. Van Schoor provides gate posts with pre-plumbed hinge bolt threads to ensure that gates can rest in any position if the vertical posts are accurately centred.

A gate made from the right material will last many years, reduce the risk of injury and expensive replacements. Our gates are made from galvanized steel, a material that lasts a very long time and resists rust.

Lastly but not least, gates will provide excellent service if they are treated with respect. They should not be opened or closed with a vehicle or be climbed over. They protect a pressure point on your perimeter and need routine maintenance, like any other important infrastructure on your farm.

Since the 1800’s scores of South African farmers trusted Van Schoor Gates to provide sturdy, well-made gates to control access to their land. Today you will get the same high standard of workmanship and attention to detail imbued in every gate we make.