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Farm Security – Fencing is that important

Nov 12, 2020Blog0 comments

There is a good old saying, “good fences make for good neighbours”. The implication is that without good boundary fences, avoidable disputes will arise. The use of good boundary fencing can make or break your farming strategy. There is nothing more frustrating than checking on your livestock only to find that they are not where you last saw or left them.

The concept of farm security is a major challenge for many of our farmers. This is more applicable to farmers who have a large grazing area that is difficult to watch. Today, farmers generally leave the animals to roam freely to feed after their daily operations and fencing is a mechanism to keep the livestock within the parameters of the farmer’s boundaries. Besides the livestock, the farmers also need to protect and secure their expensive equipment and machinery. The lack of proper farm security causes not only the theft of working equipment but also harvested crops and animals could be carried away.

Thus, it is essential to secure your farm by following the basic principles of farming security solutions. You need to install a security fence around your boundary lines to secure the farm. With that, you can deter thieves from entering into your farm, save money, time and stay hassle-free.

With the right implementation of good quality fencing, you can keep in what needs to be there and keep out what doesn’t belong on your property. If you are looking for more information about our products or services or simply just need professional advice, contact Van Schoor today for assistance on your next purchase.