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Top Tips For Securing Your Warehouse

Nov 29, 2019Blog0 comments

Owning and managing a warehouse can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You likely have to manage the daily administration of the building and ensure that your employees are safe and happy. One of the most important parts of your role is also to ensure the safety and security of your warehouse, but without the right knowledge, this can be hard to achieve.

You will need to invest in security fencing with sturdy fence posts that will not be easily broken into as well as other measures to protect your warehouse and your employees. Securing your property should always be proactive rather than reactive, and there are some simple but effective measures you can take to ensure the safety of your property.

Below is some helpful advice on securing your warehouse.

Secure The Perimeter

A warehouse is usually a large building, which means that it has a large area of land around it. Your first line of defence should be to secure the perimeter of your warehouse. This can be done by using the right fencing, such as strong mesh fencing and metal fence posts to hold it upright. Having strong fencing is the first step towards securing your warehouse perimeter.

You should also look into adding motion-sensor lighting on top of the fence poles, as well as CCTV cameras that face outward to record any activity that might be occurring around your property. Keep trees and shrubbery well-trimmed to ensure visibility of your perimeter and so that nobody can use them to climb over your fence posts. You should also install lighting in and around any parking areas and stairwells to maintain this safety.

Ensure Better Access Control

Having better access control to your warehouse can be done in two different ways, namely natural access control and territorial reinforcement. Natural access control involves using the building and landscaping features to guide people to your entrances and exits, and also makes these entrances and exits more visible and therefore easier to control and monitor.

Territorial reinforcement is used to reinforce the boundaries and perimeters of the building and its property. For example, you might have a certain area that is designated for staff only, and if your staff see someone that does not belong in this area, they can sound an alarm. Using security fencing and strong fence posts for these areas will further ensure better access control, especially when paired with an electronic entry card.

Report To A Receptionist

This point ties in with the one above and can help immensely in securing your warehouse. People will be deterred from entering your property if they need to sign in with a receptionist before being let into the building. The same can be achieved with a security guard placed at your gate. This also allows you to monitor who is coming and going from your property.

If a receptionist is not the right fit for your warehouse, you could invest in a digital sign-in system that happens before people are allowed to enter your property. For example, visitors could scan a code on their phones when they arrive at your gate that takes them to a sign-in page. This way you can have a record of everyone who enters and leaves your property and monitor any suspicious behaviour

Protect Your Assets

Securing your warehouse is vital. Not only will you keep your staff safe, but all of the equipment too. Securing the perimeter with a security fence and gate will ensure that no unlawful entry occurs, and having strict access control will help with this. Employing a receptionist, security guard, or sign-in system is ideal for monitoring who comes and goes from your property.

If you would like to make sure that your warehouse is always safe and that there is no danger of your equipment being stolen, start with a fence and gate. Van Schoor Gate stocks highly durable and sturdy security fencing, so contact us today to find out what we can offer you.