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The Benefits Of Mobile Cattle Handling Equipment

Mar 20, 2020Blog0 comments

As a farmer, to continue your financial success, you need to be able to monitor your cattle more often and in more detail. In order to do so, you need to have the right cattle handling equipment to perform the job better and faster. You will need to monitor the growth of your cattle by weighing the animals, inspect them for diseases by checking their mouth, feet, eyes, and ears, and check for pregnancy in the cows. 

With this monitoring, you will be able to detect problems earlier and take the right actions. You should consider investing in cattle handling equipment to complete these vital tasks. Equipment such as a sweeping system for cattle, a cattle handling crate, and a raceway system can help to make the process easier and more efficient.  Below we look at just some of the benefits of using cattle handling equipment on your farm. 


Portability And Adaptability


Working on and owning a farm, you are already aware of how one day can change from the next. You will need farm equipment that is portable and adaptable, which is one of the many benefits of cattle handling equipment. 

Using portable cattle handling equipment allows you to adapt your facility based on your needs, and you can take your equipment to your cattle rather than trying to move your cattle to the equipment. These systems and modular in design and every component serves a different purpose. The farmer can choose a layout for every different situation he may have by moving around the components as he requires.  


Simple To Install And Good Quality


Some of the many benefits of using cattle handling equipment that is not permanently fixed on a specific spot and that it is quick and simple to install. However, you can use mobile cattle handling equipment in combination with a fixed structure like a kraal. 

The panels or cattle hurdles for this equipment simply link together to enable you to create a suitable kraal within minutes. Look for equipment where the metal has been hot-dipped galvanised as it will provide you with the ultimate rust protection. Also look beyond the paint and stickers for strong built quality, proper welds, and no-nonsense mechanisms. You want your equipment to work well and maintain its high-quality condition. 


Livestock Handling Is Easier


Cattle handling equipment makes it easier to manage and monitor your cattle, and when using equipment such as a raceway system for cattle you save time and costs. Working cattle can become rough and good equipment makes it safer for humans and animals alike. A properly designed cattle handling system enables the following processes and benefits:

  • It manages the flow of cattle through the raceway system
  • It pushes cattle forward when required and this action is made easier by using a sweeping system
  • It is also required to block the flow from station to station and this is done by using a frame with a sliding gate.
  • It creates multiple safe working areas which allow the farmer to do multiple checks and procedures on the herd.


This includes the following:


    • Work on the head is made easier by using a neck clamp to restrict head movement. 
    • Work on the body of the animal. Body movement is restricted by using a cattle handling crate. It can be used in combination with a neck clamp for easier work on the animal. 
    • Choose a cattle crate which is designed to double up as a weighting crate by adding a scale floor as a weighing platform.
    • Work on the cows can be done by adding a veterinarian crate, which creates a safe working area for the vet.
  • Sort the herd to two or more pre-determined sorting areas with a sorting gate or a bow with swing gate to help cattle exit the work area easily 


Being able to quickly and easily work on your cattle without any damage to them will make your life as a farmer much easier, and it will ensure your animals stay in good condition. 


Improve Profitability


Cattle handling equipment enables precision farming and helps to increase the profitability of your farm. 

The portability and adaptability of the cattle handling equipment will help to save time and effort, and it is simple to install and maintain. If you would like to reap these benefits, contact Van Schoor Gate to find out what we can offer you.