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Low Cost or Temporary Housing – Furniture and Equipment

May 15, 2020Blog0 comments

There are many situations that require you to move fast to find basic furniture or equipment fit for purpose. Farmers, for instance have been using strong galvanized steel beds, pergola posts, washing line posts and rotary dryers to provide for the basic needs of seasonal workers. They value tough, uncompromising products that will be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. 

Mines, prisons, hostels and big industrial companies who also provide housing are also regular buyers of tough furniture and equipment. Residential buyers also value washing line posts, rotary dryers or steel beds that lasts many decades as opposed to many most of the commercial offerings out there. This equipment is also highly sought after in emergency situations where basic housing needs to be provided quickly for harsh conditions. 


Washing Line Posts


T section posts which are planted properly will last you many decades. It will not bend and it can carry the biggest, heaviest washing load with ease. There is nothing cheaper or more effective than getting yourself two T section washing line posts, plant them yourself and strain rope or wire between them. 


Single Or Double Bunk Beds


Galvanized steel beds are as tough as they come. Designed and made for seasonal farm workers, there beds can withstand harsh conditions. Available in single or bunk bed format. The bunk beds are very popular amongst farmers and maximizes the available space. Single beds are popular for domestic workers.


Industrial Rotary Dryer


If you do not have a long enough space available to plant T type washing line posts, a strong rotary dryer may be just what you need. There is no comparison between this rotary dryer and the ones you buy in a normal shop. This is a 16KG piece of galvanized steel with a 3 meter diameter. It is built tough and will last very long.

If you need to find sturdy base materials and emergency housing equipment, do not hesitate to contact Van Schoor Gate today to find out what we can offer you.