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Farm Gates: Options, extras, and modifications

Nov 16, 2020Blog0 comments

Most people are not aware of the vast array of extras, options and modifications that are available for galvanized farm gates. There are only but a few gate manufacturing companies who are able to make non-standard gates, of which Van Schoor certainly stands out as one of the best. Apart from the normal heigh, length, frame thickness and wire options, there are many other options to choose from. These adjustments enable the farmer to get a gate that suits his needs perfectly.

Farm gate with nose wheel

The nose wheel helps to carry the weight of the gate and is often added to very long gates or when the road surface is fairly flat. The farm gate with nose wheel is also often used at industrial sites, packing facilities or warehouse facilities.

Sliding Gate on a track

A farm gate can be modified to run on a track like a normal sliding gate. The sliding farm gate comes complete with wheels and wheel brackets as well as the guide wheel bracket and gutter. Van Schoor also manufacture and supply a track / spoor as well as the stop and guide posts. Most farmers can do the gate installation themselves, which saves costs. An electric motor can be added to automate the sliding farm gate. 

The example below is a barfence sliding gate. However a normal W Type farm gate can be converted into a sliding gate too. 

Double farm gate

When the gate opening is more than 6m, a double gate is required. A double gate closes in the middle with either a ring and hook or a lockable slider. Drop bolts can also be added for a secure closing position. Large openings are often required to allow access for large harvesting vehicles / machinery.

Heigh farm gate

Height is normally an issue when considering personal security or fencing in game. We manufactured gates up to 3m high.

Farm gate with top section

A top section or overhang is added for security purposes or in certain cases for game farms. The top section on the gate adds an extra 450mm of height to the gate. This top section can be covered with barbed wire or razor mesh. 

Farm gate with diamond mesh or weld mesh

Diamond mesh or weld mesh can be added to a normal gate. The diamond mesh can also be plastic coated for a nicer look.

Farm gate with clamp hinges

99% of gates are attached to a pole with hinge bolts. However, if you have train tracks or concrete gate posts, you will require hinge clamps. Van Schoor gate hinge clamps are very sturdy and will late many decades. 

Closing mechanism

Normal farm gates close with a ring and hook. Other options include the ostrich hook which prevents accidental opening by animals and a sliding padbolt which is lockable.