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Equipment Required To Start A Commercial Piggery

May 1, 2020Blog0 comments

Starting your own commercial piggery can be intimidating but it can be done with some essential livestock handling equipment and livestock feeding equipment. For those who are new to farming and who might not be too sure where to start, choosing the right equipment can be daunting. 

When you are looking at livestock handling equipment there are important pieces to consider for a commercial piggery. The equipment enables the feeding and watering, veterinarian services, disease control,  and the improved handling methods as proposed by farming experts. Below we look at some of the equipment needed to start a commercial piggery. 


Mating Crate


A mating crate is essential for any commercial piggery, as this piece of livestock handling equipment will help to ensure that sows are protected during mating or be held sturdily during the artificial insemination process. The sows will be protected against injuries and can be easily cleaned and moved between gestation periods. 


Farrowing Crate


A farrowing crate is arguably one of the best investments that a commercial piggery farmer can make. It is a crate or stall that is used to reduce piglet mortality by reducing the movement that the sow can make while feeding her piglets. The farrowing crates are kept clean and sanitised to prevent any parasites or germs infecting the sow and her young, and can help to control the food and water intake of the animals, preventing malnourishment in piglets and sows. 


Pig Weighing Crate


An essential piece of livestock handling equipment for any commercial piggery is the pig weighing crate. Being able to weigh your pigs will help you to determine how healthy your pigs are and if any of them are malnourished or overeating. Weight management is vital for a commercial piggery as it can help to produce market-related weights and to discover any illnesses that could be causing weight loss. Using a mobile weighing crate is ideal for larger farms where you might need to move around more than normal. 




Your pigs will need somewhere to live, and the livestock handling equipment needed for this is a pigpen. A pigpen is a place where pigs are able to sleep, eat, and relieve themselves without causing any damage to other equipment, and it should be an easy-to-clean and maintain area. A good pigpen will protect your pigs and allow you to assess their health easily. Van Schoor designs and manufactures dry sow pens and pig sty gates to fit your area and requirements.


Pig Sty Feeders  


Having the right livestock feeding equipment is also vital, as keeping your pigs fed and healthy can improve the success of your commercial piggery. You will need to look at three different sizes for different stages in development so each pig can eat easily and without any problems. You will need a pre-weaner pig feeder for teaching piglets how to eat solid food, a weaner feeder for piglets who have been weaned from their mother, and a porker/baconer feeder for larger piglets to market weight.


Water Supply


Another important piece of livestock feeding equipment you will need is a water trough. You should ideally choose one which is designed to fit against the pigpen wall, making it easier for the animals to access, and it should be easy-to-clean to help maintain the freshness of the water. Pig sty water troughs are small in size to allow for continuous fresh and clean water. Water troughs for pigs are connected to a water supply which runs from left to right through a concealed and protected valve. Remember to regularly clean the water trough to avoid any contamination of the water. 


Final Words


A commercial piggery can provide you with a stable income whether you are just starting out or are more established. Start by looking for feeders, mating and farrowing crates, and remember to invest in a pig weighing crate to monitor the weight of your pigs. Pigpens, feeders, and water troughs are vital for keeping your pigs healthy, fed, and hydrated. 

If you would like to start your own commercial piggery or improve on what you are currently working with, be sure to contact Van Schoor Gate today to find out how we can help you.