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Choosing The Right Farm Gate

Nov 19, 2019Blog0 comments

Knowing how to protect and contain your livestock is of vital importance to any cattle farmer. Not only is the fencing needed to protect your livestock from predators and other problems, but the farm gate should also be as sturdy and protective. However, choosing the right livestock for your animals can be a difficult decision to make.

When you are looking for a farm gate there are some important considerations to include. For example, you will need to think about the size of your operation, how many animals you have to take care of, and the type of animals you have. A larger operation will need to use larger gates, especially if you have animals such as cows and bulls to contain. Not sure where to start? Below are some top tips on choosing the right farm gate for your needs.

What Type Of Animals Do You Have?

This is one of the most important considerations when looking for a farm gate. Cattle are larger animals and so you will likely need to opt for a larger, sturdier gate. Usually, the gates for cattle are made from heavier metal so they do not buckle when receiving heavy traffic or being knocked against by the animals.

Gates for sheep and pigs do need to be taller than the animals to prevent them from being able to jump over and get out. They should be sturdy but do not have to be as heavy as cattle gates. Make sure that the gates are not easy to open by the animals, as they may be able to open some gates easily simply by pushing hard on the gate. Also, ensure that there are no sharp edges that could harm the animals.

How Many Animals Are There

Knowing the type of animal you have to care for is important, but so is knowing how many animals you have. It is important to remember that a small number of cattle would still benefit from a large, sturdy gate to prevent them from hurting themselves. A smaller number of animals would likely only need a small space and thus smaller gates.

Having a large number of smaller animals will mean that you need a larger gate. This is to ensure that the animals cannot easily get out of their enclosure. The sheer number of animals can cause the gate to break and buckle, so be sure to take this into consideration when looking for a farm gate.

What Fence Are You Using?

Using the right fence and gate combination is vital to protecting and containing your livestock. You will find that using a lightweight fence and a heavy gate does not make for a sturdy livestock containment area. Some gates do come with fencing attached, which is ideal for a quick build but often this type of structure is temporary.

A permanent fencing solution is more desirable for any large farming operation. The fence should also offer protection from predators and prevent the livestock from being easily able to get out. It is known that cattle enjoy rubbing up against fencing and stationary objects, which means the fence needs to be sturdy enough to hold both the weight of the gate as well as the weight of the animals.


Choosing a farm gate can be a tricky decision, but once you have considered the important elements, you will be able to find the right one for your needs. Start by thinking of the type of animal you need to protect and contain, as this will help you decide on the material and strength of the gate.

You will also need to consider the number of animals you have in order as well as the type of fence you are using. These elements will help you to look for a sturdy and reliable gate, no matter the animal you need to house. If you are looking for the ideal farm gate for your farm, feel free to contact Van Schoor Gate today for more about our products.