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Van Schoor has been manufacturing quality self-feeders for decades. We have developed our self-feeders over decades and perfected the design to suit our unique South African conditions. This is the most effective self-feeder in South Africa.

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Supplementary feeding of grain, manufactured feed, or conserved fodder is an important part of good animal farming.

Benefits of Supplementary Feeding:

Maximise stock growth potential

Replace a dietary deficiency to achieve greater sales or animal production

Compensate for insufficient or poor quality pasture

Key Benefits:

Strong, trusted design. Welded structure, which makes it more sturdy than bolted competitors.

Minimal feed wastage to ensure your money goes further

Unique to our design is our loose hanging feed bin, fully adjustable up of down, to manage the flow of either grain, pellets or mixed chopped feeds. Movement for the feeding bin improves the flow of feed and prevents bridging/clogging of feed.

Storage holding design improves the flow of feed and prevents clogging of feed inside the storage bin.

Replaceable feeding bin

Sliding refill door has little to no wind noise and is leak free when compared to hinged alternatives.

Pre-galvanized steel

Cattle: 2400mm code 4020720 (feeds 8)

Calves: code 2400mm 4021090 (feeds 12)