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Mobiele bees lyfklamp panele

Makes it possible to move a body crush system to your cattle on the back of a bakkie. Sets up in minutes.

The squeeze panels work as a set in combination with a Van Schoor neck clamp and sliding gate. Linking brackets between the two panel frames, neck clamp and sliding gate create a sturdy and secure “mobile neck and body clamp”.

The design is heavy duty and will withstand tough conditions. Each squeeze panel hangs on hinges which are attached to the squeeze frame. The panels are pushed by hand to the required position. The squeeze panels are then locked by removable pins with 5 set positions, which will keep the panels locked until the work on the animal is completed.

It is ideal for animals of varied sizes because the panels push in horizontally, which prevents smaller animals from ducking underneath.

The bottom part includes a protection plate for feet.

The two squeeze panels are sold as a set of 2. The neck clamp, slide gate are sold separately.

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3.0m x 1.8m


Hot dipped galvanized

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