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Top-quality animal equipment, gates and fencing material

Van Schoor designs and produces top-quality, galvanised farm gate options for an array of applications. It is important to buy a gate from a farm gate manufacturer which is properly made by an experienced company. A properly made farm gate will outlast a weaker gate by decades and thus works out better over the long term.

Farm gates are mainly made for made for road and pedestrian access and also for security purposes. In addition, other types of farm gates are designed for specific farm uses such as for a sheep kraal or horse paddock.

The W-Type farm gate from Van Schoor is an iconic, sturdy gate for everyday use and is popular with most farmers. Van Schoor is as far as we know the only gate manufacturer who still manufactures this closed frame gate with its round corners on the top, the bottom and on the inside stays. It is without question the strongest farm gate out there. Van Schoor also manufacture the V Type farm gate, which is a more economical type farm gate with square bottom corners.
There are farm gates designed for specific livestock applications, such as our sheep kraal gate, the horse paddock gate, the pigsty gate, the cattle kraal gate, the ostrich gate, the game farm gate and more.

All of our gates can easily be installed and are delivered all over the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape.

Most of our galvanized steel farm gates are manufactured to a standard size, but we are also able to manufacture gates to the specific specifications of our clients.

Van Schoor prides itself on maintaining a high quality for all farm gate products, and with over a century of experience in the industry, we can guarantee that our products will meet all of your needs and more.