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Our H-Type neck clamp is for heavy duty use on larger cattle breeds. The sides slide open completely (top and bottom) to allow cattle to move out of the crate without any obstruction. This is particularly necessary for pregnant cows. The moving components are strong and durable for heavy work.

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To be added to our cattle handling crate or to be added to your existing kraal system.

Hot Dipped Galvanized

CODE: 4020680


How to set and adjust the Ratchet Gear and Catch

Set it up as per the picture. Note that the Catch “C” must not extend too deeply into the Ratchet Gear “A”. If the Catch goes in too deeply it will get stuck. Keep the Ratchet gear greased at all times.


The Adjusting Bolt “B” sets the depth of the spring mounted Catch “C”.

  • Turning the Adjusting bolt clockwise will set the Catch shallower
  • Turning the Adjusting bolt anti-clockwise will set the Catch deeper